David Hawkins

David Hawkins is the founder and director of the Leadership Education and Advocacy Development (LEAD) training program, providing leadership workshops, advocacy seminars and consulting  to thousands of college and university student leaders.

David has also been a featured keynote speaker at numerous statewide and regional student conferences. For over 25 years, David Hawkins’ accomplishments as a student advocate, community organizer, lobbyist and workshop facilitator have enabled him to provide student leaders with the knowledge, motivation and empowerment needed for successful outcomes.

In addition to his years of involvement in community and student organizing efforts addressing political, social and human rights issues, David has received statewide and national recognition for his commitment and demonstrated skills in the areas of student leadership training and developing diverse coalitions for successful legislative advocacy and grassroots organizing campaigns.

David’s student leadership LEAD workshops and keynote presentations have consistently received the highest marks in evaluations by student participants and conference organizers.